We hereby present a limited edition of the Express Diaries milk tanker of 340 in its more authentic livery.

The previously made livery was made in reverse colours, dark blue lettering on a cream back ground.

It was and old friend Mr Alan Brown of Durley, who passed on a note at Sandown on October 17 2009 (see scan below) suggesting to make this milk tanker in its correct livery.

Incidently, or perhaps not, another good friend Mr Adrian Ashford had lunch with Mr Grabowsky a week later at Reading and made the same suggestion, he even had one brought with him that he had made himself to illustrate the point !

When these two knowledgeable friends make suggestions we better follow them and here is the result.

The tanker, all except the tank itself and the sprung buffers, has been made with genuine ACE Trains parts that were ordered by our previous customer three years ago but never paid for so consequently not delivered.

The tank itself was litho printed together wiih the Darstaed Advans.

Price :
GBP 99 (+ P&P) for a set of three or
35 (+ P&P) for singles
as long as stock lasts.


  2010 - ACE Trains is a registered trademark  jointly owned by the ACE Electric Trains Company and Mr Andries  Grabowsky.